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Some Awful Shots of the (6)


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These aren`t bad.I like the one with the train and bus (Q44) heading in the same direction.
Like I said I'm good with buses lmao!


And these are awful because....? Admittedly, the first one is a little icky but the rest are pretty good!
I tried to get a good action blur there, fail!


Dont worry I seen worse pics on here those are ok


I don't see whats wrong with these pics. They're pretty good.
Blurry, or bad settings on camera.


they're mixed, but i would say they are awful...some are just a bit blurry, but there are also a few that are really good.;)
Thanks, I tried!


what is that streetlight doing there in the 4th pic lol
It's a sniper! Jk


Awfully nice pics, they are really great.


Is it just me or is that 1993 Orion 5 107 in the last pic?

Yeah this is a pretty old shot but 107 was on the Bx14 that day.


Nice pics you self-degrading SOB! LOL!
I'm just honest!
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