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May 5th Lucky Nova LFS Trip with Railfanner100


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Wednesday, May 5th.

I met Railfanner100 at schedule bus stop at Junction Blvd/37th Av at 9:00. He was 15 minutes early.


We got on Q72 #3724 departed at 9:20, arrive LaGuardia-Central Terminal B @ 9:40.


Next, we got on M60 #3885 departed 9:45.

At moment M60 was approaching 125th St/2nd Av, Nova LFS Artic on M15!!

As soon as M60 pull over @ 10:11, we rush to 2nd Av/125th St, but first one was M15 Houston St Local. Then, we saw South Ferry LTD.


We got on M15 South Ferry LTD #1237 departed 10:14.

B/O pickup wheelchair somewhere in Harlem and drop off at request stop. I saw there were two wheelchair passengers somewhere in different stop, so I raise one of lift for female B/O.

We got off at 2nd Av/79th St @ 10:37.


Next, we got on M79 #5623 departed 10:41, arrive 10:51 @ 79th St/5th Av.


We went to MET to take elevated tour of Bambi pathway at Roof Garden, however we could not go on because we did not have Photo IDs. There are still many employees who does not know me.

So, we went to Roof Garden, then went back to get our belongings, and head to cafeteria.


I got my lunch from cafeteria and we exit outside.

He got lunch from Hot Dog vendor and we ate near 5th Av/80th St bus stop.

As I was eating my lunch, I make sure tourists does not try to board bus with dollar bills.


After I finish with Cheeseburger, we head to 77th St (6).



We got on front car of 3rd Av/138th St-bound (6) #7305 departed 77th St @ 12:54, arrive 125th St @ 13:01.


Next, we got on front car of Woodlawn-bound (4) #1236 departed 13:03.

As the (4) arrives Fordham Rd, we spotted Nova LFS westbound on Bx12SBS arriving Jerome Av Station, so soon as train open door at 13:22, we rush to that station, but missed it by five minutes.

But we saw it on eastbound Bx12SBS, we hurried and made it.

We got on Bx12SBS #1221 departed 13:28.

There was still problem on Bx12SBS, people try to paid fare onboard the SBS! Arrive Fordham Plaza @ 13:33.


After I made bus stop plaza guide line, we went to take break at Fordham Station, we watch train discharge/pickup while I eat my French Fries.


Next, we got on Bx12SBS #5734 departed 14:18. Same problem again. Arrive Broadway/207th St @ 14:38.


While we wait for (A) to moved, I watched T/A playing chess with somebody.


We got on front car of Far Rockaway (A) #6030 departed Inwood-207th St @ 14:44, arrive 190th St @ 14:49.


Next, we got on M4 #6628 departed Ft. Washington Av/Cabrini Blvd @ 14:53, arrive Cloisters Museum @ 14:55.

Since M4 needs to be ontime, and when bus is exiting Cloisters, I stop traffic.

Next, we entered Cloisters Museum and show him the West Terrace, and we took break at Trie Cafe, where I got another sandwitch.


Next, around 15:32, we exit museum and finish eating my French fries.

I help again make sure M4 go first when M4 was exiting Cloisters.

We got on M4 #3859 departed 15:47, arrive Ft. Washington Av/Cabrini Blvd @ 15:49.

Next, we waited for M98.


We got on M98 #5074 departed 16:03, 3 minutes late, arrive GWB Bus Station/Unloading Zone @ 16:09.


After I check out new (NJT) fare at Ticket Machine, I went back to watch all kinds of buses, including NABI Low-Floor, MCI, Express Buses, etc, and 16:30 M98 departue at 190th St (A).


Next, we got on M5 #6424 departed Broadway/178th St @ 17:01, arrive Broadway/145th St @ 17:16.


While we were waiting for Bx19 at 145th St/Broadway into Riverbank State Park, we saw DesignLine #1306 passed by.

Bx19 #5648 departed 17:31, arrive Riverbank Park State Park/Culture Bay #1 @ 17:33.

He took pic of me with #1306.

We took break until waiting for friend driving 18:10 M11.


We got on M11 #XXXX departed 18:11, 1 minute late, arrive Amsterdam A/129th St @ 18:21.


I waved to security at Amsterdam Bus Depot as M100 arrives.

We got on M100 # 4405 departed 18:24, arrive 2nd Av/125th St @ 18:47.


Next, we got on M60 #3839 departed 125th St/2nd Av @ 18:48. As M60 enter LGA, ex Bee Line Bus on Q33 was ahead. Arrive LaGuardia Airport/Central Terminal B @ 19:15.

At Central Terminal B, I said goodbye and he caught Q33 bus home.

I got on Q72 #4505 departed 19:19, arrive Junction Blvd/37th Av @ 19:33.


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