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Happy Anniversary To Harlem-145th Street

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Apologies for the day late post. :eek:


On May 13, 1968, the new 148th Street-Lenox Terminal station on the 70(3) opens. This station supercedes 145th Street, which had been the terminal for the old Seventh Avenue Local and the 70(3) since it opened November 23, 1904.





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Is it true that 145th Street was meant to be closed by the TA after 148th/Lenox opened up? I read that on SubwayNut, but found no articles about it.

Most likely. Remember, 145th Street is a traditional local station, meaning it only is 5 cars long. That was the size of locals back then. The thing handled 5 car locals just fine, but when they had to extend the local trains to 10 cars, or send the (3), it was impractical to turn trains at 145th (only people in 5 out of 10 cars can get off). Not only that, it would have been impractical for crews too. So extending the line to 148th meant there was room for a full length station.

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