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Hello from Central Mass


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Hi, although I live in central Massachusetts, a big fan of the NYC Subway, also the London Underground, as well as our local MBTA. Just got back from a weekend trip where we got day passes each day and rode the subway everywhere, what a great system.


My first intro to NYCS was as a college kid, going between GCT and Penn station back in the day when trains from Boston went to GCT, the subway has come a long way from those days :P


I also lived in the philly area for 20 years and got introduced to SEPTA, although the regional rail system is great the subway leaves something to be desired :P (except for the PATCO line)

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I am another person who lives in Philly. Very close to the tacony Palmyra bridge. Closest subway line to me is the Market Crapford Line and man.... it sucks.... ugh.... Enjoy your stay on the forums :P

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