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I guess, some of us can use Adobe Photoshop in order to creat unreal transit scenes. I cant name myself an expert in this software product. I know merely how to use it.


Over here the stage is such: I came out on the street to breath some fresh air. I am waiting for UPS all day. They need to deliver some college-related nonsense for me. They will comw withing anouterh 2 hours. But now .... A St-Petersburg-made tram, starts to run directly in front of the building where I live



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I mean any tram in New York City, especially the East New York Light Rail.



I seriously dream about some activity or a museum, called an INTERNATIONAL LOCOMOTIVE SHOW. Where the retired models of ALL LOCOMOTIVES from the world are collected. Especially with their cabs. Its not necessary for them to ride, but just to come in and touch the buttons. ....


just like some bus models in NYC Transit Museum.

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which I did together with George Novikov (my e-friend from Odessa, Ukraine)...


Modernized T3 tram from Odessa, in Brooklyn Heights

KeySeeLM68M.jpg St Petersburg Tram somewhere in Midwood

MontrealTram.jpg the same kind of a tram in Montreal, Quebek

SnowStopped.jpg Odessa tram in my backyard.

Tramway_in_Brooklyn.jpg Somewhere on the Marine parkway.

VAluableFInal.jpg again in Brooklyn Heights

ER9E-647inBrooklyn.jpg BRT Ocean parkway line, where Russian-made Electric Trains run.

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