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5/22/2010: My best fan trip ever (And the longest)

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So today, I wanted to go take a (F) Express in Brooklyn, so my trip started out like this:


At East Broadway, I took the (F) to 2 Av, where I saw a R32 (C) Terminating


I get to the front car of the (C), while 2 other railfanners talk about 44 and 46 A trains plus one of them say they wanna take a R32 (A) to Rockaway Park


I take the (C) to 59 St Columbus Circle, looking out the RFW the whole time. Plus the conductor had great announcements at 2 Av


"Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen this is a 168 Street bound (C) local train running on the (F) line to West 4 Street, next stop is Broadway Laffayette street stand clear of the closing doors"

BUT unfortunatly, she said transfer to the downtown (6) at Bway Laffayette, when the (6) was running express bypassing Bleecker


At 59 St, I took the (1) to Times Square


I got off for about 1 hour getting parts for my PS 2


Then back in the Times Square Station, I take a R68 (Q) train to Canal St


At Canal Street, I take the R160 (J) to Broadway Junction


At Broadway Junction, I take the R160 (F) Express all the way back to East Broadway. Great Announcements for (F) via Fulton Express!


Catherine: This is a Manhattan bound (F) train via the (A) Line

Diane: The next stop is, Utica Av

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