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What do you think Jersey City & Newark will look / be like in 10 years?


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Both Cities have been improving recently and more and more ex-New Yorkers are moving to them. Recently over the past 10 years , the Jersey City Skyline has shot up. Now people refer to it as the Miami of the North, due to the rapid growth of the skyline. Newark has seen a drop in Crime and reinvestment into Downtown , University Height's , North of 280 , and SODO. Reinvestments into Education & Parks , also into Community programs. Newark has the largest wireless Camera Network in the US. If all this happening now what do you think it will like in 10 years?:P Journal SQ will also become = to Downtown JC will alot of Skyscrapers planned.






Renovation of Eleven 80 - Newark









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Newark and Jersey City (Newport) is uncomparable. Poverty and crime is still a massive problem at Newark with more ambulance sirens every hour than the few at Newport. Yes, more wealthy people would continue to move to Newport but Newark is still a long way to go.

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I love Jersey City, but the truth is, like Newark (or even Elizabeth, Paterson, Camden, Trenton or New Brunswick), it's an urban area and there is good and bad together.


That said, Jersey City has made some nice strides in urban renewal and likely will continue to do so. It's also nice to see Jersey City attracting people again.


The Hudson River waterfront is one such example and the Newport area is another.


But to see Jersey City, you've got to have an open mind and be willing to visit areas such as Lafayette, Bergen, Marion, Greenville, Croxton, Mc Ginley Square, The Junction, Country Village, and Sparrow Hill. in addition to areas such as Downtown, Newport, The Heights and Journal Square.


One thing I like about Google Street View is it covers most of Jersey City.

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A Toronto or Philly across New York City, that is what I believe it'll be, :P...


Imagine that, I don't want to sound nerdy but that sounds so cool lol.


Maybe the 2 would kinda fuse in a way.

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Most people wouldn't think this is part of Newark......but i went to it yesterday....could it be a vision of the future of Newark? A few Urban Renewals and that would be possible....








Main Street Type area , might be coming to several other neighborhoods



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