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Two Questions


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A. Are there going to be any depot changes due to the bus cuts? Maybe B57 to JG to make up for all the routes JG lost? If anyone has any information on that, it'd be awesome.


B. I've noticed run numbers have been much higher, lately. I saw a #110 on the B67 today which was odd cause I don't believe the B67 ever goes over like 30. And in the Bronx, I saw Gun Hill buses with run numbers in the 400's plus. I always believed it was the first/second/third etc driver on a particularly route, which would explain why the B71 never has higher than like 5 or 6, but are they starting to consolidate run numbers through depot due to linkage of routes (B41/B46 or I've seen a few drivers on the B63 with B35 on their paddles).

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