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Today From Queens Blvd & More

R62A 1991

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I'm back in NY, and decided to take the length of the (R) train on an R160. I did so, but exercised caution today since I really didn't know what to expect, having not railfanned for a good 3 months. This is what I was able to come up with:








I don't know where those two came to the F.I.N.D., but they are there.

Lots of videos now:

Okay, from there I eventually made it onto a Flatbush Av-bound (5) train. It had a preacher in the 4th 3rd car at 59th St. By Borough Hall, he made it to my first car. I ditched it at the very last second, and got this short video at Borough Hall.

Then, I experienced my best usage of the countdown clock since I've been home. I got on the R142A (4) train, and we were passing Hoyt St slowly because the R142 (5) was literally in front of us. I saw that the countdown clock at Hoyt said 3 mintues to the next New Lots Av-bound (3). This meant that the one ahead of me was 5 minutes ahead as they run on 8-minute headways during the middays, and the (4) would never make it to Utica in time to catch it since the R142 (5) was ahead of us. So, I decided to get off at Nevins and make the R62 (3) without having to wait too long. It came right on time. So, right now, I'm a fan. I understand their drawbacks though.


And that's my trip for today. Just getting back into the groove. Hope to see you guys around, and hope the hobby is treating you guys well.

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