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5 years ago Today


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Rest in peace to a piece of roll paper that had the number 9 on it? Shame on you.




1825 days since the (9) was discontinued.


It wasn't needed anyway.


Good riddance.


You have WAY too much time on your hands....

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If true skip-stop service had been tried:

*(1)(9) 96th Street

*(1) 103d Street

*(9) 110th Street

*(1) 116th Strret

*(9) 125th Street

*(1) 137th Street

*(9) 145th Street

*(1) 157th Street

*(1)(9) 168th Street

*(1) 181st Street

*(9) 191st Street

*(1) Dyckman Street

*(9) 207th Street

*(1) 215th Street

*(1)(9) Marble Hill-225th Street

*(1) 231st Street

*(9) 238th Street

*(1)(9) West 242d Street-Van Cortlandt Park


Columbia University and City College Of New York would've had (1) service and the important stations of 168th Street and Marble Hill-225th Street would've had both (1)(9) service.


What caused the (9) to fail, IMO, is where they actually set the skip-stop portion (and the length of the common portion) and possibly the spacing between stations in The Bronx, Marble Hill, Inwood and Washington Heights.


(9) August 21, 1989 - May 27, 2005

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Guest lance25
In fact, the (1)/(9) didnt need to be skip stop. The (9) should just run all times but late nights making all stops to provide less crowding


But then what would have been the point? If the (9) ran the exact same route all times except late nights, it would make more sense to keep them as (1)s. Now if the (9) ran express somewhere along its route, then that's different.

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I was thinking of it running express along 7th Ave in Manhattan from 96 to Chambers Sts.

Not feasible. It was done for several decades actually:

The B'way/7th Express ran from 242nd to New Lots via Express

The 7th Express ran from 180th Street to Flatbush Avenue

The B'way/7th Local ran from 137th to South Ferry via Local

The 7th Local ran from 145th/Lenox to South Ferry via Local


This created congestion right at 96th because it was a crossover, not a flying junction. And also, if your proposed (9) terminates at SF, it will have to crossover again at Chambers. Not fun. In many ways, the IRT is inflexible.

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Guest lance25

Did not know that. I probably shouldn't type things as soon as I wake up. Thinking about it now, I just realized in order to have that theory work, there would have to be less trains on 7th Ave so it wouldn't cause a backup around the junction points.

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