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Subway Tunnels And Bridges

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Are there any subway tunnels or bridges that you like or enjoy railfanning?


Some of mine:


Subway Tunnels:

*Montague Street Tunnel (Unique design connects both Broadway and Nassau Street. Soon will connect Broadway only. :P)


*60th Street Tunnel


*Cranberry Street Tunnel (this tunnel, used by the (A) and the (C) features Broadway-Nassau Street station on the Manhattan end and High Street-Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn end.)


*53d Street Tunnel


Subway Bridges:

*125th Street (1) (more like a short viaduct than a bridge. Listed here for the graceful design spanning West 125th Street)


*Willy B. (J)(M2)(Z)


*Manny B. (B)(D)(N)(Q)

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The 60st Tunnel is when you really see how trains move and its top speeds.

The Joralemon Tunnel is go for speed.

The 53st Tunnel is good for speed.

The Cranberry Tunnel is nice.

The slowest is the(7) Tunnel(forgot the name).

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-60 St cuz the speeds are crazy (the fastest I ever seen a train go through there was 59 mph on a R32 (W))

-14 St when the (L) is in ATO mode

-that tunnel the (G) goes through under Newton Creek (between Greenpoint Av & 21 St)



-North Channel on the (A) (the blue one). After it goes over that its the beautiful Rockaway Flats

-Broadway on the (1). The only lift bridge that has subway service in the city

-the little bridge the (6) uses after leaving Whitlock Av over the Bronx river. It has a nice view of the whole train it turns.

-Willy B on the (J)(M)/(M2)(Z)

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