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Orion VII NG VIN Numbers


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This is mostly aimed toward the bus operators on here, but here goes.


To explain what I'm doing. I track production of Orion bus models. To do this, I need VIN numbers. I was wondering if any of the operators on here could check the VIN and build date to help me out whenever they can when driving an NG bus, or members when they have a friendly operator that would let them check the VIN. I've had luck in Toronto just asking operators if I could see the VIN of their bus, and haven't had any objection. For those who don't know the builders plate for the Orion VII NG is located just behind the driver's seat. To be more specific, I am only interested in the last 8 digits of the VIN and build date for my record.


An example...


TTC 1067

VIN: 1VHHH3P2066702320

Date: July 2006


The bolded part is the part that I'm interested in. ANY VIN information is appreciated.



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