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Subway Service In 1974

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I thought you might be interested to see what subway service was like in 1974 and compare it to service today or see what your line was like then ((V)(W) and (Z) didn't run in 1974). While some subway service was similiar, other service was different.


This link will take you to the 1974 service guide from the official subway map. For clarity, it's in three parts: IRT, IND and BMT. There also is a link if you'd like to view the 1974 subway map or the Manhattan or Brooklyn portions:




Take a "time trip" back and enjoy!


Credit (and thanks) to Bridge And Tunnel Club for the nice scans.

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Some trains on the (1) skips stops from 137th to 215th? So there has always been a skip stop services on the (1) even before the (9) came in, in 1989?

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