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San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

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Heading south for my next stop is the city of San Diego and its system, MTS. MTS runs service in most of San Diego County with NCTD (North County Transit District) which I will get to later. MTS operates several different types of New Flyers (D40LF, C40LF & D60LF) and a small batch of NABI 60BRTs acquired in 2008. Complementing the San Diego Trolley service, the majority of service act as feeder routes into Trolley Stations across the system. MTS also operates express service from Downtown and points north using 45 foot coaches from Blue Bird.


New Flyer C40LF #1506 in morning sunlight entering Broadway at 3rd promoting the San Diego Padres Baseball team:



New Flyer #2209, one of several buses acquired when MTS took over other smaller systems operates at the end of Route 923, one of two lines that serves the San Diego International Airport:



1832, the second to last order purchased in the old San Diego scheme has just pulled away from a Downtown stop on Route 2, one of several lines with a 15 minute or better daily headway



New Flyer 2852 shows off the new MTS Scheme of white over red at the Euclid Avenue Trolley Station. 2852 is part of the latest batch of New Flyer C40LFs in hit the streets:



New Flyer D40LF 6010 & 8120 at the El Cajon Transit Center. Both buses were acquired by MTS from one of the many smaller systems that ran in different areas of San Diego County:



While at El Cajon, I was surprised to see 8040, a Gillig Phantom sitting in the parking lot adjacent to the station. Unknown of what route it was on, this bus seems to have been another acquired coach:



8136 is pictured here staged at the San Diego State University terminal and Trolley Station, a major transit hub for city and rural based lines:



New Flyer C40LF #303 pictured here at Fashion Valley Green Line Station out of service. 303 was one of the first NFIs in the new scheme :



NABI 60BRT #1007 in gorgeous sunlight leaving the University Town Centre stop on its way to Downtown San Diego via UCSD & Interstate 5. 1007 is one of 26 purchased by MTS in 2008:



New Flyer GE35LFR #501 assigned to the Route 201 “Super Loop” serving the U.C San Diego campus and the V.A Medical Center. They are the first Gasoline Electric buses in the system:



Blue Bird Express 4500 #8509 pictured at the Escondido Transit Center on Route 810. #8509 is one of a handful of Blue Birds purchased for the 800 series express lines:





New Flyer C40LF #1804: Cummins G Gas Plus/Allison B400R:



New Flyer C40LF #401: Cummins ISL-G/Allison B400R



New Flyer D40LF #8111: Cummins ISL/Allison B400R:



New Flyer GE35LFR #504: Ford Triton V10/ISE Thundervolt:



NABI 60BRT #1006: Cummins ISL-G/Allison B500R:



New Flyer D60LF #1909: Detroit Diesel Series 50/Allison B500R



Blue Bird Express 4500 #8509: Detroit Diesel Series 60/Allison B500R:



Music video of MTS & NCTD:


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