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166 IRT-Athon Railfan Trip Plan- June 30th, 2010

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On April 1st, 2010, It try do do 166 IRT-Athon race but failed due to my memory card which contains proof was broken.

This time, I want to do over as I did last year and going same way.


Formation: By the Drop Off Bus Stop near Q17/Q27 Bus Stop (Roosevelt Av/Main St NW corner.


Entering Subway System: 9:58am.

1. (7) to Grand Central.

2. (S) to Times Sq.

3. (3) to 148th St.

4. (3) to 110th St.

5. (2) to 241st St.

6. (2) to E. 180th St.

7. (5) to Dyre Av.

8. (5) to 149th St-GC.

9. (4) to Woodlawn.

10. (4) to 125th St.

11. <6> express to Pelham Bay Park.

12. (6) to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall.

13. (4) to Utica Av.

14. (3) to New Lots Av.

15. (3) to Franklin Av.

16. (5) to Flatbush Av.

17. (2) to 96th St.

18. (1) to 242nd St.

19. (1) to 242nd St.

20. (1) to Chambers St.

21. (2)(3) express to Times Sq.

22. <7> to Flushing.

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