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Aloha from Hawaii

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Aloha from the Aloha State. After departing Los Angeles, I went westward to the wonderful state of Hawaii, more importantly the island of Oahu where Honolulu lies. Honolulu is home to TheBus, one of the most interesting but complex systems in America. TheBus operates 107 routes, many of them run on central corridors with spurs and lots of interlining. The fleet consists of Gillig Phantoms & Advantages, Chance Opuses, New Flyer DE40LFRs and several types of 60 foot artics. Also hanging on by a thread are several scattered TMC RTS-06 WFD buses in 30’ and 40’ versions, soon to be retired with new deliveries.


Beginning my adventure in Waikiki, here is Gillig Phantom #332, a 1997 model operating on Route 19, one of three that serve Honolulu International Airport:



The Ala Moana Center is the largest shopping center in Honolulu and where several routes either end or make this a continuation stop. Here is New Flyer D60LF #110, a 2002 model painted in the “Rainbow” scheme:



Gillig Phantom 672 is one of 99 purchased in 1994 by TheBus and are the second oldest series behind the RTSs. Here it is heading to the Ala Moana Center:



Alapai Transit Center is on the outskirts of Downtown Honolulu. Generally used for AM/PM rush hour, a heavy mixture of local and express lines serve here. Among them is Route 103, which on this day was operated by TMC RTS #212:



Showcasing both paint schemes is Phantoms 628 & 849, one of 68 ordered and TheBus’ last order of High Floor buses:



With 111 artics in service, all built by New Flyer, TheBus is able to operate four all day express services (two in the city, two in the country). Here is D60LF #86 in Downtown, one of the few left with a Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine as all will be converted to Cummins soon:



From another batch of artics comes #153, a DE60LFR with the low profile battery pack. Here it is pictured at Waipahu Transit Center:



Back at the Ala Moana Center, here is Phantom #865 on a short layover. At any layover longer than two minutes, all buses are to be shut off:



Taken the next morning, Here is New Flyer D60LFR #143, one of 9 purchased by TheBus operating in Downtown Honolulu:



In 2006, Honolulu purchased 40 New Flyer DE40LFRs with the original battery pack design. Here is #905 pulling away and bathing in fresh morning sunshine:



Also in 2003, TheBus purchased 55 Gillig Advantages painted in the rainbow scheme, here is #531 assigned to Route 1A, a Limited stop service to Hawaii Kai P &R:



Another one of my favorite photos, here is Gillig Phantom #353 on Route 1 local service:



In addition to full service lines, TheBus operates neighborhood shuttles using Chance Opuses. Here is Opus #25 at the Kapolei Transit Center waiting to start a run on Route 412:



As I traveled further out, Hawaii’s beauty stood out more, even the transit centers are in picturesque settings. Here is #790 leaving the Waianae Transit Center:



New Flyer D60LF #110 just adds to the photo as it waits to turn into the Waianae Transit Center, which is surrounded by Mountains:



Videos: Warning!! All Honolulu Buses has sealed windows so A/C is on in all videos


TMC RTS-06 WFD #242: Detroit Diesel 6V92/Allison V731



New Flyer D60LF #97: Detroit Diesel Series 50/Allison B500R



Gillig Phantom #765: Cummins M11/Allison B400R



New Flyer DE60LF #132: Cummins ISL/Allison EP40 Hybrid Drive:



New Flyer D60LFR #148 (Interior): Cummins ISL/Allison B500R



TMC “Baby” RTS #52 Wheelchair Deployment:



A Phantom & RTS leaving the Downtown Express Lane:



Hear the roar of various engines from TheBus:


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Here are some more photos & videos:

To Continue on, here are some photos from Downtown during rush hour:


Gillig Phantom #328:



My absolute favorite photo, TMC RTS #243 leaving the express lane on Route 90:



Also in the express lane is #672, which shows the actual stop. As implied, only PM express lines stop here, the local lines are 200 foot east of this shot:



Gillig Phantom #604 in Waipahu. Notice the operator sporting a flower in her hair:



Even 40 footers manage in sneak their way onto the lettered express lines. Here is Phantom #751 on Route A at the top of a semi-steep hill:



In the evening, I was in Waikiki since my hotel was nearby. Here is New Flyer DE40LFR #940 on the Heavy Route 8, a supplemental service between Waikiki Beach and the Ala Moana Center:



Even after 9pm, many buses are seated to standing room only. #302 shows this off:



At the famed Waikiki Beach, many of the Waikiki based routes terminate a few blocks west of where New Flyer #918 was photographed:



New Flyer D60LF #96 at the last stop on Route 2 across from the Honolulu Zoo:



Gillig Phantom #694 is assigned this day on the official “Beach Bus” Route 22, which interesting enough does not operate on Tuesdays:



New Flyer #906 is squeezed between a pair of island tourist buses on its way away from Waikiki Beach:



New Flyer DE60LF #140 is one of two Hybrid in a special rainbow scheme. This one is mostly gray with the rainbow colors at the top of the windows. Here it is on heavy Route 2 outside of Downtown:



Gillig Phantoms #323 & #626 collecting passengers at the first stop in Downtown Honolulu:



On Saturdays, Route 2 is a mixture of equipment, here is Gillig Phantom #330 on the edge of Downtown Honolulu:



The last photo taken in Honolulu is of Gillig Phantom #613 at the crossroads of King & Dillingham, which sees up to 9 Routes on a daily basis:



Videos: All Honolulu Buses has sealed windows so A/C is on in all videos


New Flyer DE40LFR #938: Cummins ISL/Allison EP40 Hybrid Drive:



Gillig Advantage #513: Cummins ISM/Allison B400R:



New Flyer D60LFR #143 (Exterior): Cummins ISL/Allison B500R:



Gillig Phantom #644: Detroit Diesel Series 50/Allison B400R:



New Flyer D60LF #116: Cummins ISL/Allison B500R:



Five TheBus Buses entering Alapai Transit Center:



My Music video:


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