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Open BVE

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perhaps let's try this again:


1) Download OpenBVE from this website:



2) Read the instructions here:



Please make sure you copy-paste all the Dependencies (the .dll files) into the same folder in which you extracted OpenBVE in !

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here are some of the basic default controls:


power up Z

power down A

brake up .

brake down ,

emergency /

forward F

neutral/backward V

horn enter

secondary horn + (numlock)

activate security system (required on some trains): ctrl+s

cabview: f1

exterior view: f2

track view: f3

left side doors open/close: f5

right side doors open/close: f6

Pause or Esc: pauses the simulation


when driving a train with a combined lever, use Z to release the brake and increase power, A to cut off all power and brake, and Q to increase brake. emergency brake is 1.

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Thank u all (4) your help this is all new to me but i still have some /'s so 4 starters when i open up the game and i pick a train why cant i see a full view of the cab and in the (A) Line why cant i see the stations and train it just comes up as a white box?

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Ok for get i got it all down now thanks to error46146. But does any(1) know a good Subway Route (4) OpenBVE or BVE?

my E that's not out yet lol


well you can try the ones that are on BVEStation and the british routes for now..imo those are the best routes also some of the Japanese routes are very nice too (for japanese routes i recommend the ginza line)

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