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Yes , my recruiter from MNRR has been changing like every month its a different person.I just spoke to the new one and she told me most likely a position in the craft I am in the pool for "might" open up in 2011. The way admin is switching personnel is a good indicator things are not good with Metro North as far as new hires.Long Island Railroad is even in worst shape.It all trickles down from KING EGG HEAD at top..:mad:

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I heard that MNR might not be hiring for many crafts for a while, as long as two years. Anyone know if this is true ?


That sounds about right. Before anyone off the street gets hired, anyone that gets furloughed due to the both recent and upcoming job cuts must get reinstated.


As it stands right now in my craft, about 35 jobs were abolished last week. As a result of the 35 displacements there are approximately 15 vacant jobs that will get filled and as an end result 20 people could find themselves furloughed.


Additionally, in the upcoming months more jobs are due to be abolished resulting in more furloughs.

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