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Welcoming the Bx38 (Time Is Near!) and other shots!

I Run Trains

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i really dont get the point of the Bx38 personally! or all that just keep the 28 as is

I second that. I think the problems with the Co-op City service has to do with the area it serves:


The thing is, Co-Op City was built during an age when people flocked to the outskirts of the city and were expected to drive. The automobile was the symbol of individualism, and by extension, Americanism. The average middle class American was expected to live in a house, work in the city, live in the suburbs and drive a car to work.


Thus Co-op City was built right next to the NE Thruway and had all these loops to siffle cars in and around as to cause less congestion, I think.


What I propose is, have a central bus/transit terminal within Co-op City. Then from there, have a people mover line shuttling between the residential sections and the shopping centres.

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