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Portraits of Transportation

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(I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. If it is, move it as you see fit).


I am willing to do commissioned portraits of trains (as well as other vehicles; cars, buses, etc).


Contact me if you are interested.


All portraits will be done in oil paint. The subject must be available for me to see and reference (in NYC). The cost include artist grade mediums, canvas, and labor. Framing and alterations are at an extra cost.


The artist, me, retains all copyright and reproduction rights.


I will post an example later.

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Nice, it's a bit too small. ;) Do you have a link to a full sized picture? Also, how much will it cost for one on average?


Sorry about the size. I have it like that for my protection, to lessen any copyright infringement on the internet. ...even though I may not post a link or larger picture, when I meet with anyone interested in person, I will show the original piece. The original piece is 4x6in.


Since I'm using Utrecht artists' quality oil paint and canvas (or board), the prices may seem a little expensive. It depends on what you guys consider bargin or expensive. Most oil paintings from professional artists are $900+...some in the 10s grand. Since I am a beginning artist (not in galleries yet) my work is more affordable.


This is what I am selling them for:


4x6: $50

8x10: $80

16x20: $120


Frames and alterations are extra.


If you have another size in mind, I can see what I can do. I really won't work with larger sizes now since trains are moving objects, which means I would have to rely on photographs for alot of the detail (and cameras do not capture everything like the eye).


Anyone that is interested, I will meet in a coffee shop to help plan how it will look like and draft an agreement. Then I will paint the train (or other vehicle) on site as well as from a photo I've taken.

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