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Update on orange M at stations


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ok iam not shoure if all this info is new but here some old and new stuff so far the (M) has showed up all over jackson hts roosevelt ave station and all over 53rd and lex as for 53 its just on the upper level non on the (6) or (E)(V) train platform heres a quick shot of 53


also at sutphin blvd jfk on the (J) train platform are the new maps but non on the (E) train platform yet and this might be old news but all along queens blvd there are papers telling about the new (M) and also at Steinway st there is an 8 car R160 bar also on a random side the (J) train announces the Q10 to jfk at 121 st and thats all for today hope you guys are ready only 1 more week left befor the new service

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