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Long Time WABC-TV Ch. 7 Sports Anchor Scott Clark to retire in Jan. 2011

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Ch. 7 sportscaster Clark's leaving the field


BY Richard Huff NY Daily News

Entertainment and TV Editor


Friday, June 18th 2010


Scott Clark, the top sportscaster at the No. 1 station, is hanging up his press pass.


Clark will retire in January, having decided that after more than two decades at WABC/Ch. 7, it was time to enjoy life away from the desk. And he's doing it on his own terms - a rarity in TV these days.


"It's been on my mind for quite some time," Scott, 57, told The News yesterday. "It's been a great run for me. I just thought when I signed my last contract five years ago, it was my contract to exhale."


With his deal set to expire in January, Clark said he went to station management and said it was time to go. They offered to negotiate a new deal, but he, with the support of his family, made the decision to step away.


"I just told them it was not about money or anything else. This was my decision," he said.


That's bad news for viewers - and the station - because Clark has been a key player and the last of a crop of longtime sportscasters in an arena where longevity is becoming unusual.


He joined Ch. 7 in 1986 and, four years later, was named sports anchor and sports director. During his run, he covered the biggest stories here and around the world, and also launched signature packages like "Out of This World," "Armchair Quarterback" and "Hilight Zone."


"They will miss him," said a rival local broadcaster. He's "creative and makes sports fun."


Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/2010/06/18/2010-06-18_ch_7_sportscaster_clarks_leaving_the_field.html#ixzz0rImqCzm5

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Scott Clark is one of my best favorites Sports Anchor on CH 7 in New York City also i like his "OUT OF THIS WORLD"



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I love Scott Clark's sports reports! I will miss them. Especially Out of this World and the Higlight Zone.


I agree. And speaking of sports newscasters: The guy on NBC, not Bruce Beck, but the other guy [scott stanford?], he's annoying - why isn't he just the weekend guy? Beck deserves to be the main weekday guy. NBC hasn't been the same with Len berman gone. Newer is not better.

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