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Dictator Prefers Rail Over Air Travel!


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We all know who Kim Jong Il is. The dictator of North Korea. Alot of us also know that he spends alot of money on military and himself. Well who knew he used money to buy himself THREE armored trains! Heres what I found from browsing around the internet.





We expect world leaders to have armored CARS. Homeboy has (multiple) armored TRAINS. He has a collection of 6 private well-furnished trains, 2 of which are decoys -- 3-train Monty!


Kim's trains are equipped with conference rooms, an audience chamber and bedrooms, along with a necessary pair of Mercedes-Benzes on standby (cause you never know).


Due to his fear of flying, Dear Father uses the private trains to travel abroad and makes stops at military bases, factories and farms for internal inspection missions.


During his travel there are two trains that act as decoys. The proceeding train takes off to make sure that the tracks are safe and if anything goes wrong his dummy train takes the bait. The second train carries little Kim and his gangsters while the third train follows along for security purposes... wait... did this article just blow his cover?...


Of course, he alson Kanye doesn't roll like this powerful "Communist" leader, but more on that later...


The Jonger ain’t a gangsta if he’s got no hoes, so he travels with broads and fancies them up with fine dining and hard liquor (see below) every time he goes out.



Heres link to other photo of his own STATION and more.



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Hahaha.. he could do his people a big favour if he builds crucial infrastructure for the people rather than arms against "nobody"


lol did you see the size the size of his station.

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The national Airline, violates many safety standards and thus cannot fly to the EU. And they use outdated Russian planes as well. I'd prefer train travel if I were the dictator anyway, I have nowhere to go, really.

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