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June 25th Friday final V,W,M trips

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Dont look like i'll be able to make it. Days off fell on the wrong days.


No problem. Are you free any time next week? I might go out just to check up on the new (M) route. Pick from any of the 5 days and we could meet up.


Yeah, I sent ya an invite.


If the event is then, that might be a bit early, but I'll try to make it.

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Sorry i got plans to do the M on bay pky rush hr and then W and V final at 10pm.

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Well, since someone else has a trip planned, I'll probably join that group. So nm about this one. Concider this 'trip' canned.


Also guys, you don't need to say why you aren't showing. Plus you needed to PM me if you wanted the details. But also nm about this as well.


:cue locks:

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