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Dudley Square Bus Station Adorned With Historical Art Panels


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Dudley Square Bus Station Adorned With Historical Art Panels

Source: mbta.com



Start Date: 06/21/2007 End Date: 07/21/2007 Email: lrivera@mbta.com


The MBTA, state and local officials, and members of the Dudley Square Main Streets gathered at Dudley Square bus station to officially showcase an art project that celebrates the heritage of the Dudley Square community. Presently, medallions and historic markers illustrating 200 years of Washington Street’s rich history adorn the stations along the Silver Line corridor.


The Silver Line Historic Panel Project totals over 50 panels depicting historical sites, famous people, area maps, historical trails, bus berthing locators, system maps and destination indicators. “This is a great day for the Roxbury community,” said MBTA General Manager Daniel A. Grabauskas. “Where else can you go in the City of Boston and experience a gateway that showcases such significant history.”


“These panels are an example of the positive role models and accomplishments

of Roxbury residents,” said Dudley Square Main Streets Director Joyce Stanley. They also demonstrate the important role Dudley Station has always played in the life and vitality of the community,” said Dudley Square Main Streets Director Joyce Stanley.”


The images depicted represent several themes including transportation, architectural treasures, politicians and notables, and community life. Some of the notables depicted are: James Michael Curley; Rev. Michael Haynes with Martin Luther King; Rep. Franklin Holgate with Sammy Davis Jr. & Ken Guscott; Elma Lewis; the 1962 Roxbury Town Team; the Bolling Family, and Orchard Gardens residents.




Joined by Silver Line Communications Assistant General Manager Mary Fernandes, Dudley Square Main Streets Director Joyce Stanley, Representatives Gloria Fox and Byron Rushing, and City Councilor Chuck Turner, MBTA Chief Operating Officer Richard Leary applauded the time and creativity spent by MBTA staff and the Dudley community to make this project a reality. “This was well worth the wait,” said Chief Operating Officer Leary. “The research and time spent to select just the right images that work to depict the personality and contributions of Roxbury is truly an effort of pride and dedication. Congratulations and thank you for contributing to creating a more friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the commuting public.”



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