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Here's a part of my lof from map collecting yesterday...


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Here's a part of my log from map collecting yesterday...


Subway map score is now..


150 down, 0 to go.

But I was so in the moment map collecting (I think somewheres on 14th street, I couldn't keep count.), that I inadvertantly signed on for an additional 50 more to make an EVEN 200 Regular subway maps.


I officially have a Crapload of subway maps now. I thought I was going to finish up next week. I was working at a frenetic pace.




Now for some stories...


I was collecting maps in a zigzag route, after Stone Street, I headed to South Ferry, (apparently they forgot to read the memo "All Subway Maps Are Belong to Us....Railfans", no Map from South Ferry Today, I did however score the prior 2 days.) Anyway, I worked up from South Ferry, in a Zigzag route, going through the entire Street Grid of Manhattan. I got a good work-out though, foot work. I stopped following the grid after 33-34 Street, I cheated and took a Number 2 train to 72nd street, No More Maps @ 72nd street station, they also apparently forgot to read the memo.


I hoofed it to 72nd and CPW (Central Park west), they're giving out Immigrant Maps, same story at 81st and CPW. I decided to take a crosstown Bus to Lexington Avenue, I cheated.


77th street had NO MAPS.


I got a Nice Immigrant Map at 68th and Hunter, Regular maps thereafter at Lex/63rd, Lex/59th, 5/59th, 57/6th, 57/7th, Rockefeller/6th, 42nd/Bryant Park/6th and "at Times Square, at all two token booths".


I was down in Chinatown, @ the Tourist kiosk, some wag tried to pass off a July 2009 Z-fold Subway map as a June 2010 Subway, I asked her, "Lady? Are you trying to get me lost? This map is outdated." She gave me a nice official June 2010 map.


MTA HQ, who used to be "Crapload Central", at least the mailroom was, apparently doesn't have a "special relationship" with us Railfans anymore, its been delegated to "Community Relations department", apparently some MTA wag thought it was good idea to waste money on something called "Community Relations", The mailroom was Community Relations ...durrr. I used to cheat my way to 150 Subway maps, in every map revision, by visiting the mailroom. MTA-HQ BIG Dissappointment. :-(


Crapload Central #2 (Subway map heaven, reminds me of the old JFK Bus shuttle shack at Howard Beach station) @ 3 Stone Street, was all blitzed out by me (on June 29 and June 30). All the Regular maps, save 4 (for those latecomer Railfans), are Gone. All thats left are Multilingual Immigrant Maps 9Unless they started refilling with regular map, that i didn't know about, it was 2 PM when i got there on both days.


Apparently the Hipsters on the west side between 14th, 23rd, and 28th (encompassing, C, E, 1, F and M Trains) also didn't read the memo..."All Subway Maps Are Belong to Us....Railfans", I scored Zero maps from those stations.

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