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My Broadway Line plan

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Here is how the Broadway line could operate and thrive without the (W) train:

1. Increase (N) and (R) frequency to 15 TPH

2. No (Q) service to Astoria so 60 street tunnel goes not go over the max of 30 TPH.

3. Keep (N) express sevice. The (R) should be able to handle the local by itself with the increased frequency. Local service is losing only 1 TPH by not running the (W). The (R) ran 10 TPH during am/pm rush and the (W) ran 6 TPH during pm rush and 7 for am rush.

4. Have the (N) run solely R160's as it did before the service changes being that the (Q) will not run north of 57st-7av. The R160/R68A mix was great for the (Q).


Astoria line riders might not like the fact that they are losing their local/express combo during weekdays but there is a better alternative that also benefits QBL riders seeking the Broadway line. With the increased frequency of QBL's local (R) and Astoria's express (N) the gap in between trains from Lex Av-59 st to Herald Square is only 2 minutes with both trains runnning on schedule. If an Astoria line rider needs local service they can get their butt off their seat and TRANSFER at ANY OF THE FIRST 6 STOPS IN MANHATTAN.

Now what do you think of this plan that not only maintains the same level of service in Manhattan but also treats Astoria and QBL equally?

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