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Brighton Local

G Scale Abandonment!

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I was given a decent amount of G Scale Trains and Track back in 1995. When my family picked up out of New York and settled in AZ, I had told my mother I would build her a 'Garden Railroad'. Any how, I misplaced the transformers, so the trains couldn't run, but it did make a unique display piece in the backyard surrounding her Garden-to-be then. Over the past few months, the weeds overgrew the tracks, and finally The Garden Railway was abandoned. Today, the tracks were pulled up along with the weeds; hence, The Reconstruction of the new Layout will begin as soon as the mother figure is ready to grow new flowers...



May 2007:





In October, I changed the layout look, but never photographed it.


Heres from today- 3-7-08:













Back in 2003, An old friend and I walked the, then-abandoned North Shore Freight Rail Line along the 440-West Shore Expressway in Staten Island. As a souvenir, I took 3 Railroad spikes. The spikes even came to handy to my mother, as she stated, that the iron their made of, assisted in the growing of her garden. So, now their out here, hoping to do its job again.






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nice job!


if you let it keep growing over the tracks then you could have an imitation of the abandoned LIRR tracks by forest park, with trees (or in your case weeds) growing right through the tracks :D

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Yeah, it reminds me of those abandon tracks that run through Manhattan. BTW, what were those tracks used for?

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