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Where Have You Been?

EE Broadway Local

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I've traveled to Miami and Orlando and used their transit systems (Miami-Dade Transit and LYNX Bus). I also went to Philadelphia on a class trip, but didn't use their transit system (SEPTA). I've also been to Washington D.C, but I didn't use their system either (WAMTA).

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NY MTA, NJT, DC WMATA, CA LACMTA/OCTA, Detroit DDOT/SMART, Disney Orlando and Anaheim, Ann Arbor's AATA, U of M TA, Transit Windsor, Toronto TTC, Houston Metro, Atlanta MARTA, Puerto Rico AMA, Mexico Tijuana Transit, Miami Dade Metro, Chicago CTA/PACE, and Penn SEPTA. I have also been to NC, MD, VA, TN, KY, OH, Australia, New Zealand, and Peru, but never used any of their public transit systems. I did however ride a few charter coaches in AU, NZ, and Peru. I would love to go to Europe, and back to AUS and use their TA's.

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Basically only Philly and Trinidad but I was too young to remember the latter...I would like to go back to Trinidad and also visit Japan

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I've been to every state except North and South Dakota and IINM every city in the US over 500k except Seattle, Houston, and San Antonio. Transit systems aren't that many. NYCT, DART, WMATA, NJT, LIRR, Paris, London, Montreal, LA, SF, Sacramento, San Diego, MARTA. I think that's it.

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1) Kentucky

2) New Jersey (Hoboken, Newark, Atlantic City, Camden)

3) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

4) Florida (Orlando)

5) Maryland (Baltimore)

6) New York (NYC, Middletown, Buffalo, Monticello)

7) Connecticut (New Haven)

8) Massachusetts (Boston)

9) Rhode Island (Newport)

10) District of Columbia (Washington)

11) Canada

12) Guatemala

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I have been to Holland, England, France, Spain, Morocco (home), Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirmates, and Canada. I have been on many transit system at those countries, such as TfL (London), M'dina Bus (Casablanca), Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf (Amsterdam), Dubai buses, Paris metro, many more, although I went to Makkah where only taxi and regular car there, but they making metro system there, that was only city with lack of transit in my travel.

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Places I have been...


Connecticut(Current city Stamford)



New Canaan


Transit systems.CT Transit,Norwalk wheels


Baltimore MD

York PA


Poconos PA

Jones beach LI


Places i would like to visit


Canada-La Pocatiere Quebec,Toronto,Missisauga Ontario

China-Hong kong


U.S-Hornell,Plattsburgh NY


San francisco

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