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Schedule Downloader 2010b


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I know it's been 2 weeks since service cuts, but here's the new release of my schedule downloader:


Download page


Instructions remain the same: See here


Extra notes: For the first run, make sure to have cleanup.exe in the same folder as the main EXE. After that, you can remove it.


Manually delete Q21.pdf, it's out of date and reflects the Q21 pre-Woodhaven extension.


If the new schedule is not on the MTA site yet, it obviously won't be downloaded. These routes still have the old PDF's as of this post:


Q11 Q21 Q53 Q60

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I tried the old one when the old schedules were around. I'll try the new one and get the current schedules.




I discovered a problem and I won't fix it until I see how the MTA does it:


The new Q53 and Q60 (MTA Bus Co routes) schedules have been posted to the NYCT URL. The MTA does not take down outdated schedules unless they are replaced by new ones, so the program will still download the outdated ones. Please uncheck those 2 routes as of now, and rename the file to something else so that the program doesn't recognize it as the route.


If, as part of MTA RBO, they decide to combine them, I will have to modify the software again. Version 2010c will be out when the MTA has the Q50 LTD and Bx23 up.

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