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My Newley Made Map


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hey guys if you see this map, you will know i made a few extensions:


2- extended to 242 street in the Bronx*Note Trains Have No Service On Weekends In Queens Or In Manhatten Take <R>

1- extended first to lefferts BLVD in queens, then to 125 street in queens,and Extened to Mclean Ave In Yonkers.Part Time to Leory Ave.3Z- all extended to 177 street in queens

4- extended to E 242 street in the Bronx via Bronx BLVD

5- extended to 188 street in eastern queens

6- extended to 18 avenue in Brooklyn all times via local/ & in queens extended to 179 street via express

7- extended to 23 street in Manhattan via 9th avenue

9- both extended to E 174 street in the Bronx

(A)- extended south to 100 street in Brooklyn & in queens extended to Jamaica-179 street via local

(:D- extended to 125 street-second avenue all times but nights

(T)- first made from 125 street-14 street in Manhattan- then to 168 street in the Bronx.

(D)- extended to 251 street, more up in the Bronx

(E)- extended to avenue J in Brooklyn

(F)- extended west to 8th avenue (wow 1 stop to the left)!

(G)- extended/ (F) replacing trains to new lots avenue all times

(H)- first extended to Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn, then to Avenue J./ all times but nights

(C)- both extended south to 23 street via 9th avenue in Manhattan & in queens extended to 155 street, eastern queens.routes & times:



1- all times between 251 street, the Bronx & far rockaway queens, express in Manhattan & Brooklyn all times but nights, night local.

2- all times but nights between 168 street, Manhattan/125 street, queens-local/ nights as a shuttle, between Euclid avenue, Brooklyn & 125 street, queens, connects with for Manhattan at Euclid avenue.

3- all times between 177 street, queens/world trade center, Manhattan/ local in Manhattan/express in queens/ late nights all stops.

4- weekends between Bedford park boulevard, Bronx & world trade center Manhattan via central park west,8th avenue & concourse express, *note: trains stop at 155 street WHEN IT RUNS, to avoid delays at the 145 street lower level with terminating 5 trains on weekends.



(5)- all times but nights between 145 street, Manhattan & coney island Brooklyn, extended to 167 street-the Bronx, rush hours, no <(:(> is marked on maps, signs or trains. late nights as a shuttle-between 36 street & coney island in Brooklyn, connects with (S) at 36 street for Manhattan service.

(22)- all times between E 242 street, the Bronx & coney island in Brooklyn, local in Bronx & Brooklyn, express in Manhattan.

(6)- all times between 188 street, queens & coney island in Brooklyn. local in Manhattan & Brooklyn, express in queens via 63 street.

<6>- weekdays till 12:00 AM between 177 street, in queens to kings highway in Brooklyn, local in Manhattan & queens via 53 street & express in Brooklyn.



(7)- all times between 174 street, the Bronx & coney island in Brooklyn, local in Bronx & queens/ via 60 street, express in Manhattan & Brooklyn, late nights all stops via lower Manhattan.

(9)- all times but nights between 125 street, Manhattan & coney island Brooklyn VIA SEA BEACH LINE!, nights between 57 street Manhattan & pacific street, Brooklyn, EXPRESS!!.

(A)- all times but nights between 179 street-Jamaica, in queens & 100 street in Brooklyn, all local stops via 60 street/ late nights via shuttle between 100 street & 36 street in Brooklyn, connects with .

(B)- weekdays till 11:45 PM between 174 street, the Bronx & Whitehall street, Manhattan/ all stops via 60 street.



(C)- weekdays between court square, queens & 18 avenue, Brooklyn/ extended to 179 street in queens weekends & nights.





(E)- all times between 177 street, queens & broad street, Manhattan/ skip-stop rush hours (to/from Manhattan) all local stops other times.

- weekdays between metropolitan avenue-queens & coney island -Brooklyn/ local in Manhattan, queens & upper Brooklyn/ express main Brooklyn (4th avenue)/ weekends between metropolitan avenue, queens & canal street, Manhattan/ via the newly made "express" tracks & new platforms, but late nights cut to myrtle avenue, connects with at myrtle avenue for Manhattan service, Brooklyn, otherwise local

(T)- same as the , but express Myrle-Marcy avenues, but rush hours & midday's!


(F)- all times between 23 street, Manhattan & rockaway parkway, Brooklyn/ local


(S)(Franklin avenue)- all times


(S) (rockaway park)- all times. (NYCT) Runs as a shuttle Between 63 Street And 29 Street. (8)(JFK) Same as (C) .

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