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Madison Ave & 52nd Street


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Went to manhattan today and i took these , these are my shots guys , sorry about posting other peoples pictures i got them off of wemovenewyork.net and ii messaged the person and they never wrote back i was going to ask if i could post them up but he never wrote back .



975e6f5d.jpg . fc94ff0c.jpg . cce42242.jpg . 8e3485de.jpg . a186fc93.jpg . 2853 6b4711f9.jpg . 2086e2dc.jpg . 9e7ba7e5.jpg . 3f8a2bfa.jpg . 6cc8dfed.jpg . add4839f.jpg . 6607b7b6.jpg . b38082a4.jpg . 365b2cec.jpg . 9a11af06.jpg . 41c43bac.jpg . c9e7e80b.jpg .


Thats All

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