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What is Your Favorite Theme Song?

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The theme song to Knight Rider & the very first Batman (the one with Adam West)


(Can't post videos from my phone, sorry)

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All the great theme songs by the great John Williams:


Indiana Jones:




Stars Wars:


Imperial March:


Jurassic Park:




E.T. The Extraterrestrial:


Harry Potter:



John Barry:

Dancing With Wolves:


James Bond:



Akira Ifukube:




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Here is some of my favorite theme songs:



Always enjoyed watching NASCAR every weekend but NASCAR on FOX has the best theme song.


ER is one of the best medical dramas of all time. Always enjoyed the theme song.


One of my favorite cartoon series since I was in preschool.


Always enjoyed Looney Tunes.


The ending theme of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh. I just love the song.


Degrassi is one of my favorite teen dramas.


One of my favorite sitcom series of all time.


King of the Hill is one of my all time favorite animated series.


I always enjoyed Married with Children

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