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(D)elta & (N)ancy via Sea Beach


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Nice :tup:


The R68 on the (N) brings in the classics back of the 90s

or early 2000s :(

Hot stuff! :tup:


You made my line outstanding! ;)

Thanks. :)

Excellent Shots

Thanks. :cool:

Cool, the (D) via Sea Beach with the (N) :tup:

Thanks. :)

Great shots (J)!

Thanks (D)!

Great shots man!

BTW, doesn't this belong in the Subway Photos section? lol

lol yeah, fixed it right up.

Slammin pics!

Thanks for the slammin comment. ;):)

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I love how the photo with the signal has so much meaning:tup:

Thanks! ;)

Those train operators look quite familiar in those shots. Very good work!

lol thanks.

Excellent photos!

Thanks. :)

I just bought for moms b-day a dell studio laptop with a 17.5" 1080p monitor and your pics are almost 3d no bullshit. :tup:


Awesome pics!

Thanks B)

Great stuff! Some of those are desktop wallpaper material :)

I can always send them to you uncompressed and at full resolution if you're interested.

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