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What Is Your Bus Specialty?

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I never claim to know more than anyone else in our transit community, so I don't consider myself a "specialist"... If people read & gain info/insight from my posts, that's fine.... Bear in mind that I also take in, a LOT of what other members post on here...



that said: lemme answer your post this way...

- low indicates I don't focus, or care much about it

- moderate indicates some days I'll focus on that aspect, and some days I don't even think twice about it...

- high indicates that's what I spend most of my learning/noticing/focus on, regarding transit, etc....


fair enough?


well, as far as these categories are concerned.....

*Maps - high

*Schedules high

*History - moderate

*Depots - moderate

*Operations - moderate

*Routes - high

*Bus Types Used In New York City (current and/or retired) - low


^^ I know you only asked about MTA Regional, but this also applies to LIB, SCT, Bee Line, and TOR (rockland)



I try to be as well-rounded as I can, for as much time as I can allot to this hobby/interest...

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*Maps: Have several bus maps, but most aren't even that old....

*Schedules: Have some but they don't compare to the amount of subway schedules I have.

*History: Barely.

*Depots: I know all the names of the bus depots, including MTA Bus and Long Island Bus.

*Operations: Barely.

*Routes: Somewhat.

*Bus Types Used In New York City (current and/or retired): A LOT

*Other?: Meh...depends.

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I'm very familiar with bus models and I like to collect the bus maps, right now I'm working on getting a LIB map. I could tell you about some of Queens' bus routes if you asked me I guess.


I have six LIB Bus Maps.

I hope Nassau County wasn't lazy to fix Long Island Bus Map, because tourists will be very confuse with service change.

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