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Your Favorite Newspaper

NX Express

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New york post,although it more like reading a tabloid than a paper.


That's exactly what the NY Daily News and NY Post are, newspapers in tabloid form.

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Unlike many other papers, you can learn a thing or two from NY Times. I enjoy how it reads like a factual piece of academic work and not like a tabloid or dumbed down writing.


That's what I think of whenever I read the NY Post, "this is what passes off as a newspaper?" :)

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New York:

*Daily News

*New York Amsterdam News

*The Putnam County News and Recorder


New Jersey:

*Jersey Journal (Jersey City)

*The Trentonian (Trenton)


London, England

*Daily Mail & Mail On Sunday


Glasgow, Scotland

*Daily Record

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What's your favorite newspaper to read?

Before i move to Florida my favorite newspaper to read is #1 NYDailynews, #2 NYPost and #3 Newsday.


I still reading all of them online.



I still miss this logo (NYCT)

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I don't really read newspapers a lot, either... but I will say:


- the (NY) times is too cumbersome for me... too much "paper"....

- ny post has got to be the most right-wing newspaper I've ever read... I don't waste my time & eyesight on it...

- I probably favor the daily news more; the sports section is so easy to navigate to/through...



depending on my mood, I'll pick up an amny or a metro when I'm coming up from west 4th st. in the morning.....

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