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T J Trainman

MTA Bus Operations: Deliveries, Moves & Transfers

Cait Sith

This TOPIC is strictly for bus deliveries, moves & transfers. Any discussion related to these moves should be done in the MTA Bus Operations: Fleets and Depots and Bus - Random Thoughts threads.

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7715 vendor to FP

7716, 1019 at vendor

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forgot to mention 1019

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11 minutes ago, TransitMan0251 said:

5549, 5558, 5560, 5561, 5563 NOVA to GUNH

7716, 7717 NF to GRAND

1017 NF to WFARM

Sorry! Found out about one more. That's it for tonight!

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I’m going to post the redeployments here, as well as in Fleet & Depots. The first page of that thread is about 90% updated. Fleet numbers for the following depots are coming, but in the meanwhile:


61 to JA

43 to MQ

54 to EN

65 to FP

35 to GA

48 delivered to FB

21 to WF (Permanently for the time being)

40 to UP.


*As for the LFSA’s, Quill will still get the last 36.


*For the XD60’s, we are back to the original assignment with the first 6 still scheduled for delivery to Hale this month. Flatbush is scheduled to get it’s first 10 next month.

*8508 is in on the LFS side. Queensvillage followed by Yukon, will begin to take delivery in short order.

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On 2/2/2019 at 12:57 PM, TransitMan0251 said:

3118 SC to BP

It's been there since December,  they just didn't change the depot stickers yet.


Btw 3516 is also officially out of BP (old news) I thought it was a loan. But it's official as of last month

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