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T J Trainman

MTA Bus Operations: Deliveries, Moves & Transfers

Cait Sith

This TOPIC is strictly for bus deliveries, moves & transfers. Any discussion related to these moves should be done in the MTA Bus Operations: Fleets and Depots and Bus - Random Thoughts threads.

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10 minutes ago, Blasez said:

6165 MCH to MQ

Already mentioned. 

Peep the bottom of this message. 

On 12/28/2019 at 12:30 PM, Future ENY OP said:

New move:  6165 MCH to MQ


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5 minutes ago, doglover44 said:

Are they getting anything new for 2020 ?

There’s a big Hybrid order which will bring us New Flyer and Novabus Hybrids.

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20 minutes ago, Rob3737 said:

Nobody said anything about Nova Hybrids only New Flyers 9500-9783(or 9784)

Think before you speak, sir.


The hybrid procurement is officially split between New Flyer and Nova.


pilot buses May 2020

165 hybrid buses (base)

126 hybrid buses (option)

209 diesel buses (option)

*All LFS HEV's will have BAE*

New Flyer:

pilot buses October 2020

110 hybrid buses (base)

84 hybrid buses (option)

139 diesel buses (option)

*the base order is a 60/50 BAE/Allison split with all options being BAE*

"production" deliveries are expected between December 2020 and October 2021

Further details are in the December NYCT committee book


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6038 JFK to Flatbush- NYCT  (NYCT) 


(MTA) bus delivery sheet (for those keeping score). 
Buses not delivered yet: 

6234-6238, 6264, 6270, 6280-6286. 

Buses delivered as of 12/30: 

6256- JFK, 6279: LGA

38 out 53 buses delivered. 

To everyone here at NYCTF. Happy and blessed New Year 2020  🎉 

Edited by Future ENY OP
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