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MTA Bus Operations: Deliveries, Moves & Transfers

T J Trainman
Message added by Cait Sith

This TOPIC is strictly for bus deliveries, moves & transfers. Any discussion related to these moves should be done in the MTA Bus Operations: Fleets and Depots and Bus - Random Thoughts threads.

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2 hours ago, Future ENY OP said:

I’m not 100% if this was mentioned yet. However, 9751 is now delivered/in service at Manhattanville.  Just passed it on Madison Ave & East 98th Street.  

Already mentioned.

9665-9674, 9676, 9678, 9680, 9683, 9691, 9694, 9698-9702, 9707, 9710-9715, 9717-9721, 9723-9724, 9727, 9731-9736, 9739-9740, 9742, 9745-9746, 9749-9754, 9756-9770, 9772-9773, 9775-9780, 9782-9784, 9806, 9812, 9829-9832, 9844 (086) are assigned to Manhattanville Depot.

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44 minutes ago, limitednyc said:

It. Would  the mta be involved  with a gillig.

I don't know. The C40s are getting up there in age, maybe the TA is considering them as an replacement for the C40s? Just *speculation* on my part. 


The oldest C40s are 10 years old, then again to me it seems like they can make it to 15 years with ease. Most of them don't even rattle which is amazing for a NYC bus that old, well the SC units don't rattle at least. 



Ethier way a Gillig on TA property is VERY interesting. 

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15 hours ago, Ultimategamer12c said:

9617 is delivered  to Quill not sure if this was mentioned. 

Surprisingly, I actually did rode on 9617 yesterday morning on the M20 to 41st Street.

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7188 has returned to Ulmer Park, it was at Fresh Pond when the B1 had artics in that time until now with new Novas arriving at MHV

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On 10/13/2021 at 6:45 PM, limitednyc said:

It. Would  the mta be involved  with a gillig.

From what I heard, the MTA is evaluating it, maybe for future purchase.

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