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What airlines/aircraft have you been on?

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American Airlines 757-200, 767-300, MD-80

Continental Airlines 737-800

Delta Air Lines 767-200, 767-300

Nortwest Airlines 727-200, 757-200, CRJ-700, DC-9, MD-80, MD-83

Qantas Airways 747-400 "Wunula Dreaming" seen below, 767-300

Spirit Airways A319-100

US Airways 737-300, 737-400, 767-200, A330-300


I've flown a Cesna 172, taxied and did an engine run-up on a Sabreliner.


This is Qantas Airways 747-400 Wunula Dreaming. The baddest plane I have ever been on! They also have the best airline food I have ever tasted!


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I've flown with American Airlines and their 737-800s and their 757-200s and I've flown on Continental's 737-800s, I'd love to fly on one of the widebody airliners someday though, those planes are large and in charge! I love 'em!

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My last flight (4-5 yrs ago) was with JetBlue. You get you're own personal tv with 16 channels along with a channel that shows the current speed the plane is traveling at, how long the flight has been so far, the weather at the destination, and the exact location of the plane. NTM we arrived at the destination the exact time the crew predicted. I was so pleased that I shook hands with the pilot.

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Pan Am 747, 737 Airbus A300

AA 727, 737, 757, MD60

Song 757

LAN 767

Delta 757


I truly miss the Pan Am 747s they were incredible planes all the stewardesses were pretty. The service was first class and each one had a name starting with Clipper. Just a shame they went broke...

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