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Subway torment as new trains hit snag


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Subway torment as new trains hit greasy snag

Subway riders stuck with the system's battle-scarred clunkers will have to wait longer to travel in style because of a mechanical problem with replacement trains, the Daily News has learned.


NYC Transit stopped putting new R160 model subway cars on the rails shortly after they arrived from the assembly line after a gearbox defect was detected about two weeks ago, transit officials confirmed.


The agency won't put the high-tech cars - and hundreds more yet being built - into service until a fix is designed and approved by the agency, officials said.


Under a $950 million contract awarded to two manufacturers that joined forces, a total of 660 cars were to be in service by May, according to Metropolitan Transportation Authority documents.


Full story: nydailynews_logo.gif icon_offsite.png - March 12, 2008

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Wow by May all these cars were suppose to be in service? I could say with the high MDBF of the heepos, they should of had 60 versions built. Same SMEE package. But I won't as almost all agencies with subways, are upgrading to new tech trains. Still NYC subways are heavily used, compared to others. Tokyo I know is one that is comparable. But they have new tech trains there also.

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Yeah music to my ears this is the best story of the year. I stared out busting out laughing when i read this story. These cars are a modern day R44 long live the slants!!! Now only if those POS R142/As would get some media attention. About how many of them are out of service with techincal problems and worn out brakes.


It looks like the paper made a misake about the R160s MDBF 440,000 miles WTF? If thats the R160s real MDBF it doesnt count because the R160s on eastern div most of them sit around a yard and collect dust and only four or five sets run during rush hour. And plus the they are under warrently so that MDBF just cant be right.


btw I like the R160s i dont hate them as much as the R142/As but that MDBF just cant be right.


And is this story related to the cracking trucks problem? Or their are seprate problems?

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Mixed reactions on my part.


I'm happy that the older cars will be here for a bit longer, we might even see some surprises!


I'm sad tho cause the siemens sets wont be running as much :rolleyes:

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