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Brooklyn Bridge Park needs bus & bike routes: study


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Brooklyn Bridge Park needs bus & bike routes: study

Shuttle buses, bicycle routes and extended city bus routes should be used to improve access to the proposed Brooklyn Bridge Park, a study recommends.


A transportation study spearheaded by the Downtown Brooklyn Waterfront Local Development Corp. more than a year ago has determined those were the least expensive options for the increasingly costly park project.


The B-63 bus route, which now ends at Atlantic Ave. and Furman St., could be extended several blocks farther to the yet-unbuilt park while bike routes leading to the east and south of the park also could be created to lessen traffic.


A private shuttle bus, meanwhile, could make stops at transit hubs throughout the city, Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corp. President Regina Myer said Tuesday.


The cost of the ambitious project has reportedly doubled from its $150 million budget, in part because of rising construction costs and repeated delays.


From: nydailynews_logo.gif icon_offsite.png - March 12, 2008

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Didnt subway cars used to run on the brooklyn bridge a long time ago?


Don't know.....


But back on topic i think this be a great idea i think the more parks in nyc the better.


The more for joggers to get CPA'ed on at night.


CPA'ed = Central Park Attacked

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