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My revised Queens track map

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Using Peter Dougherty's track map as a basis and adding in my own changes:


To sum things up - (7) totally removed and replaced as follows:

(R)(W) both runs to Flushing, (R) being the express. QBP would be located slightly north and rebuilt as a single island platform station [meaning it'll be as tall as where the Manhattan bound level is].

(Q) replaces the (R) on QB

The '(H)' goes all the way from Astoria Blvd to Manhattan after 21st St.

The (G) goes to Court Sq in Queens. Court Sq is rebuilt with an additional island platform so the (G) can terminate in the middle and get out of the way of the '(H)'.

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Nice map but I wonder how Astoria residents would feel about this as well...they're cut off from Broadway and Lower Manhattan. Not too keen about giving up the Flushing Line to the B Division completely but still not bad at all.

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I can make a revision regarding the (G), being the (G) still goes to Court Sq [it would be rebuilt into a 2 island 3-track station where it will terminate and a new line the '(H)' would run direct from Astoria to eventually 34th St-Javits Center.

either way I really prefer Flushing be converted to a B-division line.


*edit: revised map is up


Also to anyone else: please DO NOT quote the image in your posts. If you have questions, just ask. I would appreciate that, thanks.

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Riders can transfer at Court Sq to 23rd St and eventually transfer to either QBP [from QP - a new direct transfer b/w those two stations would be built] or they can stay on the (E) all the way to 74th St to get the (W) to Flushing.


I think I might draw up a new QP station for the G there as well.


edit: nm, map is redrawn again and there's a new QBP station for the '(H)'

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