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3880 lives!!! (In my mind)


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More drawing from yours truly, this time I was working on a CD Cover to my rap demo called "Express To Colts Neck." So I drew a R-32 GE Rebuilt (#3880) going from my hometown to where I reside. Colts Neck New Jersey. The train has it's original destination signs and blue doors but continues to bare the rebuilt roof and front end a GE Rebuilt has.


So tell me, what'cha think.


:Colts Neck:


(N) :: Express To Colts Neck

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nice drawing!


and i would prefer that our subway stay only in the city

Expansion to other areas is great! Especially going across border lines into another state.


Nice picture N-Trizzy!

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However, I agree with Error about the subway not being extended beyond the boundaries of New York City.
To be honest, I wouldn't want it to be extended either for several reasons!


It could be extended, but not too far out.

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