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Park Slope Residents Not Happy With New B67/B69 Service On Seventh Avenue

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The B67 has been reduced to every half-hour after rush hour, and while the B69 has been routed from Eighth Avenue, it seems the B67 and B69 are running together, rather than staggered. One unhappy Park Slope resident is Mr. Phil Maoek, who waited forty-five minutes at Carroll Street and Seventh Avenue for a southbound bus (either B67 or B69):


Story: http://www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/33/30/ps_bussnafu_2010_07_23_bk.html

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To all Park Slope residents...


Brie(F) Message from the MTA:





.....b/c we are now makin your commute to 370 Jay St. a less feasible one...

You will now wait longer for a bus that leaves you right across the street from us - We've heard enough from you over the years....

Be (G)lad you got "more" subway service....



Thank you, and have a wonderful day.


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