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The Hottest Spot this Summer...Boston

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Apparently, I'm the 105th person to make a post about MBTA...so for two days last week, I spent in Boston fanning the system and a few other shuttle operations. As in typical summer it was steamy and sometime rainy but productive. Here are some photos and videos:


Buses & Trackless Trolleys


New Flyer DE60LFR #1220 at Mattapan Station. 1220 is one of 25 brand new Hybrids purchased by MBTA and used on Route 28 from Mattapan to Ruggles Orange Line Station:



Pictured at Dudley Station is NABI CNG 40LFW #2299, the last of 299 NABIs purchased between 2000-2003 that operate mostly in South Boston:



Sliver Line Routes 4 & 5 operate between Dudley Station and Downtown. Here is Neoplan CNG AN460LF #1013 inside the terminal. This is one of 44 buses added to the fleet in 2003 and is known as Neoplan's only CNG artic venture:



Leaving Watertown Square is Neoplan AN440LF Trackless Trolley #4119 heading westbound to Harvard Station. 4119 is one of 28 purchased to retire the then 27 year old Flyer E800s. Side Note: The operator of this bus was awesomely nice to me and the other two fans, even stopping to talk to us while outside Harvard Station:



Nova RTS-06 #0298 outside the Harvard Station Tunnel on a return trip on Route 73. 0298 is one of approx. 125 RTSs out of 400 purchased in 1994 & 1995 still in operation:



New Flyer #0600, the first of 310 New Flyers purchased between 2006 & 2008 is seen taking layover at Wellington Orange Line Station:



At Sullivan Square Station buses leave from a upper and lower section. Here is #0092 leaving from the lower while another RTS & New Flyer await passengers on the upper end:



New Flyer #0744 leads a pack of D40LFs at Haymarket Station as rush hour is winding down:



Neoplan AN460LF CNG #1033 is seen along Commonwealth Avenue on Route 39 near Northeastern University. 1033 is among 23 other 1000 series buses painted in the MBTA that serve Route 39 exclusively:



NABI CNG 40LFW #2223 wrapped for Jet Blue on Route 66 which starts at Harvard Station in Cambridge before making its way to South Boston and Dudley Station:



Nova RTS #0388, seemingly freshly repainted and TMC RTS #0106 await to leave Haymarket with the former in Route to Salem Depot in Salem, Mass:



A few minutes later, #1128 arrives on Route SL1 for passengers heading to Logan Airport. 1128 is one of eight buses purchased with Massport funds and are mainstays on the SL1:





New Flyer DE60LFR #1220: Cummins ISL/Allison EP40 Hybrid Drive



Neoplan AN460LF #1013: Detroit Diesel Series 50/Allison B500R Transmission



Neoplan AN440LF #0453: Caterpillar C9/Allison B400R Transmission



TMC RTS-06 #0092: Detroit Diesel Series 50/ Allison V731 Transmission



NABI 40LFW CNG #2026: Cummins C Gas/Allison B400R Transmission



New Flyer D40LF #0718: Cummins ISL/Allison B400R Transmission



Neoplan AN460LF Dual Mode #1128: DD60 Engine/Skoda Electrical



MBTA Bus System Video:


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Subways & Trolleys:


Green Line Breda Type 8 #3851 leads a two pack of cars heading outbound on Branch B to Boston College. 3851 is one of 100 Type 8s purchased by MBTA between 1999 & 2008:



Green Line Kinki Sharyo Type 7 #3709 had just completed boarding passengers at Park Street Station. 3709 is one of twenty Type 7s purchased by MBTA in 1997 to retire the last of the Boeings:



Kinki Sharyo Type 7 #3688 trails the end of a two car train leaving Haymarket Station. 3688 is one of 100 original Type 7s purchased between 1986 & 1988:



Breda Type 8 #3880 seen on Commonwealth Avenue on the E Branch inbound to Lechmere Station:






Type 7 #3620 returns inbound from the Heath Street Terminal of the E Branch



Kinki Sharyo #3604 ascends the hill on Beacon Street on the C Branch to Cleveland Circle:



Type 8 #3853 on the C Branch private right of way heading inbound towards North Station:



Type 8 #3828 with all lights activated a mere three blocks from the tunnel taking C Branch trains into Downtown Boston:



Historic PCC #3254 at Mattapan Station at the end of the Mattapan-Ashmont High Speed Line:



In this second photo, a alternative destination sign adorns #3238, also photographed at Mattapan:





Bombardier Red Line Car #01847:



Hawker Siddley Orange Line Car #01233:



Siemens Blue Line Car #0782



Kinki Sharyo Type 7 #3644 on the E Branch inside the tunnel:



Breda Type 8 #3882 on the B Branch to Boston University



Mattapan-Ashmont PCC #3238: Full Route Ride



Green Line Trolley System Video:



MBTA Subway System Video:


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Great photos! However, being a Boston native, one thing bothers me: South Boston(also known as Southie) is only a small neighborhood in Boston. Calling every neighborhood south of Downtown "South Boston" is like calling every neighborhood in Brooklyn "East New York".

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