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BNSF! All over FlagStaff, Arizona!

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on a side note have you seen and of the Dash 8's moving east that have been sold to CN?

Nope. Ive never seen a CN loco in Arizona at all. I wish I saw some other stuff besides Union Pacific and BNSF. A few years back Ive seen Conrail and Norfolk Southern locos. Im still waiting for a SOO Loco to appear :tup::cool:




Love the 1st shot



Those are some baaaad shots Z! I too love the first one.

Thanks Man!:cool:

Dude I cannot stand Freight Trains but I think my mind has changed! All I can say is WOW!


Haha, Elementary my dear Bridgeton, I was exactly like you until I gave them a chance. Thanks for the WOW :cool::tup:



Come on guys! Comment! You know these shots are hot!

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NO i was talking about the ex BNSF dash 8's that have been in storage in CA and sold to CN they are just being delivered to CN now in BNSF colours with just CN noodle applied



Nope. I havent seen them.

Hot photos from the cool country! :cool: Wish I was up there instead of this summer hell-hole of Phoenix. Are you going to school in Flag or just visiting?


Thanks Man. I go to school in Glendale, so I took a trip up for the day...

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Friggin awesome! Though I wished there were steam engines running :P


Thanks! There was one running in California last week I believe


Excellent, the 3rd and 6th pics are my favorites! :cool:


Thanks! Yeah, the layup shots are pretty cool.

Cool pics!



These are some sick shots!!!!!

Thanks Man!

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