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Enter Penn Central Commuter Rail

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Penn Central. A modern day version of Penn Central and a parody of NJ Transit.


Red Line Based of the Northeast Corridor

Green Line Based of the Raritan Valley Line.

Airport Line Freelanced Line

Blue Line Based of the Morris & Essex Main Line

Purple Line Based of the Montclair-Boonton Line.

Hickeystone Shuttle Based of the Hackettstown Shuttle.

Gothic Shuttle Freelanced Line.




P32AC-E (Pure Electric) and M7 Airport EMU


Horizon II/IV and Horizon V


Gothic Shuttle Horizon III


Airport Express Horizon III






Comet I, Multilevel, and RDC


Arrow IV


Arrow III




AEM-7 in both paint schemes.


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Love the whole Design and scheem what is this for?

Btw that Arrow 4 looks like a M8 ;-)

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Wirelessly posted via (Mozilla/5.0 (Danger hiptop 4.6; U; rv:1.7.12) Gecko/20050920)


Love the whole Design and scheem what is this for?

Btw that Arrow 4 looks like a M8 ;-)


Complete parody of the NJ Transit system. Some parts are freebased like the Airport Line.


What program do you use to reskin?



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Sorry for the double post but,


I wanna say a little on the operations. The Red Line operates 4 track as part of Northeast Corridor. Amtrak's Regional and Keystone use it as well. The stub on Freeman Seaport Line is seasonal diesel only line that connects with summer boating at the seaport. The Green Line is the only line with a 24/7 branch that operates part of the "Lower Hickeystone Line", sound like a another NJT Line?


The Blue Line run with 2 tracks, 3 between Nor and Denkoff. Purple Line runs electric service to Boristown. The rest of the line (Beside the short section from Roslin Jct. to Great Roslin Manor) is diesel. Airport Line has 3rd rail EMUs (M7s) and 3rd rail only Genesis engines. The Gothic Shuttle runs half hourly service between Gothika and S. Penndawn. This is usually done with a short 5 car train with a AEM-7 or ALP-46.

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That multilevel is actually a C3.




There's no actually Multilevel in existence for trainz so I used MARC cars which are close to C3 but I think a tad bit taller. (Not short enough to even go into Penn Station in real life.) If these were real Multilevels, they would be the AMT Montreal version with two end long doors and the short quarter doors. In 2011 suppoably someone is making both the NJT and AMT version for Trainz and even a blank one (any version) for reskins.

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Some scenes from around the rails on PC.


An M7 with the local just arriving into Evarista Int'l Airport on the Airport Line.


Another M7 entering Evarista Terminal. The catenary wire is only for when AEM-7s take the M7s to the yard.


An RDC on the Green Line Branch at Oxford.


South Bayville station.


A P40DC on the Green Line Main at Falco.


Red Line at Gothic Park with an Amtrak Regional and a Local led by an ex-SEPTA AEM-7


A Comet V Cab Car at Roslin Junction on the Blue Line.


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If you can find a silverliner to stand in as the arrow 3 it would better, as the arrows have one panto.


For those saying too close to platform, that's exactly how close trains are in real life. I'll see if i can post a photo, but the trains are rarely more than 6 inches from the platform if it's straight, curved platforms can have 18 inch gaps.




Let's see if that video works. It's newark broad street station.


- A

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