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Crews Fight to Contain New Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

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Just when you thought this was finished.A new oil leak has occcured in the gulf as a small boat hit an oil wellhead.Only difference is that this leak is spewing a geyser of oil 100 feet in the air over the water.This well has been confirmed that it doesn`t belong to BP.Mighty suspicious if you ask me.

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This woudn't be happening if we let them drill in alaska, but there too worried about caraboo and other non essential stuff.


Arctic drilling is considered more dangerous than deep sea drilling. And if their safety record was this bad in what is pretty straight forward drilling, then imagine in more risky conditions such as arctic drilling.

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Just saying, but do you know the B.P. oil spill will cost 32.2 billion U.S.D to clean up.

Here's the info:

BP says it has set aside $32.2bn (£20.8bn) to cover the costs linked to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


The company said the charge gave it a loss of $17bn for the three months between April and June - a UK record.


BP's chairman said the costs estimate was based on the company's belief that it was not grossly negligent, and added the bill could be higher.


Rest of the story is here:



Also Arctic and Antarctic drilling is more dangerous and harder to clean up because once oil gets into sea ice and contaminate it the ice would float long distances to many places. Second it will be extremely expensive to clean up because there is no method to get oil out of sea ice and glaciers. Once oil gets into the glacier there goes the polar bear's home. For the Antarctic there goes the penguins.

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