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Some CT Shoreline Amtrak

Fred G

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Hi, thought I'd share some photos form my home turf. I hope you enjoy them.



Acela passing through Guilford station



Acela passing the big curve in Branford. Notice the photo-friendly catenary structures.



Acela train 2164 crossing Stony Creek in Branford



Twin Acela trains side by side in New London.


That's it for now; thanks for looking.


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Thanks guys!


Excellent photos Fred. They all look great. I really like the photo with the two Acela's on them. What speed do the Acela's pass through Guilford?


Harry, IINM track speed there is about 100 or so. As you know CT is really curvy so we don't get the big time 150 like up in Kingston RI (if they're even going that fast anymore).

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